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Vancouver Art Gallery Rental Are you an artist about to do a showing? Do you know that Westside Grand offers Vancouver art gallery rental? Take our virtual online tour to get a look at the wonderful amenities provided by Westside Grand. We are located at 1928 West Broadway in Vancouver, BC. To know more, or to reserve the venue, call 604.736.1928

It doesn't matter if you're a seasoned artist, or if you're about to put on your very first exhibition. You'll want to show your work in a wonderful place. Sure, a funky downtown loft is a great place to create your work, but is that really where you want your patrons to see the final, framed product? Come take a walk through the Westside Grand to get a good idea of the space we have available for Vancouver art gallery rental. Many fine artists have chosen the Westside Grand for its elegant atmosphere, fine amenities and ideal location.

Located in upscale Kitsilano, the oh-so posh Westside Grand boasts a combination of elegant, all-inclusive amenities that are guaranteed to please. If you plant to serve food at your showing, our state-of-the-art Küppersbusch kitchen is just right for the preparation of hors d'oeuvre and cocktails or a full sit-down plated dinner. For meetings, conferences and social events, the venue is equipped with a very technologically advanced multimedia centre including high definition video conferencing capabilities, picture quality projector and screen, TV receiver, microphones and 12-40 inch LCD televisions. From the leather floors to the lavish washrooms, from the decorative ironwork and the recaptured lighting fixtures, no expense has been spared to make this the destination for your next ultimate grand showing. Please take a virtual online tour to view the Vancouver art gallery rental offered by the Westside Grand. Westside Grand is located at 1928 West Broadway in Vancouver, BC. To know more about event planning, or to reserve the venue, call 604.736.1928 Vancouver Art Gallery Rental
Westside Grand
1928 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC V6J 1Z2

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